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WOD & GYM Sports working with the mission to satisfy needs of its customers with quality, style, innovation, competitive prices and skilled and experienced work force. WOD Gym Sports has its valued and increasing customers from Middle East, Europe, North America and Oceania. We gained great success in all fields with the efforts of its management and production department. We research , innovate and keep close eye on the changing market and fashion trends and our satisfied buyer’s co-operation with us to meet their quality needs. We provide our services to customers to manufacture products according to their needs. WOD Gym sports team is highly energetic and qualified to produce the high quality products in order to meet the high criteria of quality system. In the production and marketing departments go the length to provide best possible product to the customer by keeping most cordial and friendly relation with them. We are one touch away from the buyers and look to worlds there corporation and sport to keep up our good work. We are committed to provide our customers high quality, competitive prices and fast delivery service. Our motto is “ Impossible is nothing, we make everything and start from where the others stop” WOD & GYM SPORTS specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of an extensive line of quality Crossfit , Weightlifting, Gymnastic, Ballet Dance and Jazz Products.

We're the leading crossfit, weightlifting and fitness products manufacturer run by high level professional workers in Pakistan.

Our professional workers understand the comfort, durability and aesthetics of product to provide eternal pleasure to our valued clients. In particular, all our products are hand crafted category, totally with its delicate craftsmanship and ballet tradition technique, which are especially popular among our customers all over the world.

We have first-class technology having produced top-best quality products to its finest edge. The special purpose equipment and advanced streamline production line made us a manufacturer with excellent capability of mass producing scale and working standardization. We are strive to fulfill your dream on high quality crossfit and fitness items with affordable price! We WOD GYM offers OEM products. Timely delivery is our tenet.

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